About Féile Incorporated

FÉILE, Incorporated was established in 1989 as a 501(c)(3) public charity to promote an appreciation for and an awareness of Irish culture.  The Irish word FÉILE originally meant “feast”, although its more modern meaning connotes “festival”, “generosity” and “hospitality”; the characteristics of our heritage.  FÉILE shares ownership of the cultural center located at 74 Beach Road, Fairfield CT  06824.

For over 25 years FÉILE presented the renowned Fairfield County Irish Festival, a 3 day celebration of the many facets of Irish culture with the help of hiundreds of volunteers from the Gaelic American Club and the Irish community.  Although the Festival had become FÉILE’s primary exhibition of Irish culture, as well as the principal fundraiser, rising economic costs suspended the Festival in 2017.

FÉILE continues to foster Irish culture by supporting and sponsoring various arts programs including traditional Irish music, language, dance workshops, video histories, theatrical productions and workshops as well as history and geneology lectures.  In addition, FÉILE awards charitable donations and grants to support numerous  charitable causes for such Irish cultural endeavors as –

  • Joe Moran Memorial Scholarships for high school seniors
  • Patrick J. Dyer & 1916 Commemorative Committee Memorial Scholarship for high school seniors
  • Clan na Gael Players theatrical performances
  • Lá Gaelige: Irish Language Day of immersion
  • Irish Immigrant Oral History Video Project
  • Irish Literary Club
  • Irish History Lectures
  • Fréamh Éireann Genealogy
  • Irish Dancers’ World Championship Grants
  • Greater Bridgeport St. Patrick’s Day Celebration